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BP sees Angie walk by DASHES OFF!
Angie: *runs for her life* AHHHH!!!! NO!!! Wait!! *starts floting, then flys at high speed*
BP: You are so cute when you escape full speed! \(ºwº)/
Angie: oh,*blushes* thanks! I mean, AHHHH!!
...:"And so they fled to the sunset giggling past the persecution. Young love is..-"
*knock knock*
...: "Hm?"
Guard: [Bug King, please the council is waiting.]
BK: Oh yes, I just saw a touching scene by the window. I'll be there in a second. *Looks back at the sun* Good Luck lil' bro.

-Chapter 2-
BK: Oh~
Who is your lovely friend?
BP: You stay away from her! Angie don't you dare lay eyes on my brother he is a womanizer! Don't fall for him! Ever!
BK: Now now lil bro, what kind of reputation are you spreading now? *rest his arms on BP's head*
Angie: I umhh, why don't we discuss this with more calm, hehe, ok?
BP: No! Don't get near him you will get cutties!
*lifts her like the princess princess she is and jumps off the window*
BK: Oh have always been so melodramatic...
Angie: O.O whoa!!!
Before reaching the ground he makes a strong sturdy flap of his wings and lets her down on her feet. Angie had never looked BP so upset. He flickered his wings over and over, in the same place.
Angie: that was somethin'!
?? U ok?
BP: I will be just is just that...My brother is a wholesome sometimes...Even though he is the King, he never took a wife. He met many princesses that wanted to rule with him and they all fell in love with him but he just turned them away saying they were not what he was looking for...I guess I am a bit afraid you might be what he is looking for...since you are so amazing...I jus- *he puts his hand in his mouth* I said too much...let's forget about this ok?
Angie: blush* hehe, ok
Let me take you home then, it is getting late.
Angie: sure, lets go ^^
BP: Hop on, I will go full speed so hang on tight!
Angie: can't I fly too?
BP: Oh you are fast, but I wanna show you some race speed unless you wanna race me then? *a cheeky smile appeared in his face*
[Angie knew she it was childlish of him to dare her like that but for some reason she couldn't just say no. She came to racing position challenging what was now an amused prince]
Angie: ok........GO!! *flys at high speed*
BP: Wooah she left without saying ready set go! Well, I will just have to chase her now don't I? Just like old times ^^
[A distant memory came to the prince's mind as he sped up]
"This is just like when we first met isn't it?"
Here we are celebrating the new Bug ruler coronation! All hail Bug King.
Mostly every Monarch in the East of Ooo had assisted. And he was now to be known as Bug Prince. It felt weird to be the only kid in the room, as his feet swept through the room he saw the leaf king chair empty. Curious he went to his brother to ask about it. He had known the leaf kingdom and bug kingdom had been allies under the no agression treaty for 30 years already, he wondered why they would not engrace such event with their pressence. But as he went to his older brother, he seemed to be busy surrounded by gorgeous princesses, smiling at them all, but not the smile he knew.
"Um...big bro?" he shyly muttered
"Oh, if it isn't the bug prince we have here" a different smile came to his face and what was once a couple of princesses he was now surrounded by all the princesses in the room.
"Urk..." trapped between legs with heels, the prince decided to fall back. "Well this will end once he picks a wife will it not?" he wiped a tear in the edge of his eye.
"Are you crying?" clunched down a girl looked up to him from the floor.
"UWAAAH!" shouted the prince taken aback for a girl who seemed his age. She was wearing a green dress matching her leafy hair.
"Um---no I am not ..crying" the prince pouted and he fought back the urge to keep weeping.
" that so?" the girl sang this words mocking the little prince who was now red in both anger and embarrasment. "Anyway who are you?" the prince looked away conceiling his last couple of tears.
"I am Leaf Princess, but you can call me Angie" the girl gently grabbed his hands with both of her hands, for a second the prince felt his chest tightened but not in a bad way. To break the silence he mumbled: "um--um..well where are your parents I don't see them anywhere" he screened the room trying to calm his little heart which seems agitated by the simple touch of her. But that was not a problem anymore since after his remark she abruptly dropped his hand back to his body.
"They are not here." the girl looked down to the floor.
"Are you crying now?" the boy failed to read the mood and try to payback in the mockery, but as soon as he finnished the question. The girl was speeding down the hall.
"Hey wait!" the prince tried his best to keep up with her, but he had never been good at sports much less racing. " waaiit..." gasped along the way...Finally he could catch up with her as she was in the balcony clutching the edge with her hands.
"I finally caught up..." wheezed over her..
"DEAD" she snapped.
"wha...a?" confused he was taken off guard.
"They are dead.." she continued
"there was a fire-" before she continued, she was interrupted by a hug of her persecutor.
"It's alright" he whispered as he now stroked her hair. Her eyes widenned. "Ugggh...UWAAAAAAAAAAAH" then the tears came pouring down and they fell back onto the floor. In each other's arms then shared every last sniffle. Then they separated a bit and looked at each other's snotty faces. "Thanks for coming to get me" the princess first said. "By next time I will get here faster, so you won't have to be alone for more than a second. Heck I will get here even before you do, always ready." And before he was ready the girl kissed him on the cheek. "Then you will have to be faster."
And as a joyful snicker was portraited on his face he declared. "Hehehe You'll see I will be ready"
BP was now back chasing his princess
Angie: wohoo!!!!! *dashes up to the sky*
Finally catches up with her and swirls around in loops playing with the clouds and shaping them until they form a leaf. There he rested, and when she came near the leaf, he ambushed her, falling on top of her. I CAUGHT YOU~! he sang in a cherry voice giggling along the way, not realizing he was hugging her.
Angie: Wha-?!  Yeah,... You did
As soon as Angie turns her head, their eyes meet making them realise how close they actually were. However unlike every other event both of their jaws slightly dropped but they didn't turn their heads away. They just floated there, in the middle of the sky with nothing but themselves in their arms. BP was the first to break the silence: "A-angie..." his eyes narrowed as he grew closer to her, Angie's eyes narrowed for a second to but then they came wide open when she saw a silhouette coming full speed at them.
Angie: what? *turns* WHAT?!
BP: Bumblee bee! Of all times you choose to drop by!
BB: Well...well if it isn't Mister couldn't juuuuuuust let me win that one couldn't youuuuu hic...I hate youuuuuu, you shouldn't have even been able to enter wasp...HIC...
BP: Oh dear...Bumblee bee...did you drown your sorrows with dupplepubble juice again? For the love of Glob! You always do that after a race!
BB: And whoooooooooose fault is that HUH!? Coming out of noooooooooowhere claiming the title that should have been mine, then smiling with that dreamy face of yourssss.........hic
*Bubble bee stumbled closer onto his face* I hate that winning grin upon that cheeky face of yours...hic....I so hate....*threatenly came even closer and grabbed his face with one hand* ...that I love it
And just like that Bumblee bee imposed a kiss onto him bringing him closer by the head as he tried to squirm his way out flapping his wings over and over until he was freed.
BB: Gaaaaaaah, hahahaha there! HIC I had my throphy TOO! *giggles soundly and looks at LP* You know...he is always talking about youuuuu...saying how he had kept his first kiss now for you alone...but I just couldn't let him have that...ruining my race like that...this was my little revenge
Angie: what? I umhh..... *stands back* I-I'm sorry sir, but, no thanks
BB: SIR!? HAHAHAHAHA! Oh dear I have been called tomboy before but never been confused as a guy! *opens flight jacket* SEE!? I might even BEE more of a woman than you! gyahahaha Don't worry I only wanted to kiss him, I have not intentions of taking YOUR first kiss, but if sometime I need another revenge back at BP I might think about it. Btw, he seems to be in a shock, my job here is done so I will take my leaf...oops I mean leave. GYAHAHAHA BYE BEEEEEE
Angie: I uhh, miss... I wasn't talking about me, (whispers: More of a woman?! My boobs are bigger!!) how rude!!
BP:...hey Angie...I think I need to lie down...
Angie:hmm? what's wrong?
BP: what do you mean what's wrong!? BB just kissed me! BB, out of all people BB! And it was the kiss I was saving for---argh um...still it was my first kiss! I hate it when BB gets drunk she is always looking for ways to rub me in the wrong way...
Angie: she's an idiot anyways, that wasn't a first kiss, it was a fake kiss, a real kiss will be only with who yo desire it to be, so don't worry, I know that special girl, will give you your first kiss, so don't worry, okay?
BP: I don't know if she will... I mean the girl I like seems to have many suitors... I wonder if she would ever look at me more than a friend...
Angie: ??? Who is she maybe I know her
BP:...It's damn obvious isn't it!? She is so dense she might not know it unless I grab her hand *grabs her hand* Pull her tight against me *pulls* Look right into her eyes *gets closer* and whisper in her ear. "The one I like is you, dummy"
Angie: *blushes madly, then grabs his cheeks and gives him a super passionate kiss on the lips*
As they shared their first true kiss, the sun set behind them. Their skin trieved for more, sensible to each touch, craving for one more second they could be inmersed into this pool of passion. They finally took distance and as vapor fumes came from their mouths they could only look at each other. Gasping they could only talk with their eyes. He gently put his hand on her cheek before he hug her.
"I finally caught up with you"
This is technically chapter 2! The first chapter is the race but we are still adding some details! Wait for it! XD
Together with :devaskmeleafprincess: we chatted roleplaying our characters. I solely created Bug Prince as she praised my work with Sand Prince (Flower Princess suitor), I told her I could do one for her and as you know Bug Prince has become a very dear OC of mine. This is one adventure they had. I hope you all like it.
Prev: [link]
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